Our Massage Services

Relaxing Body Massage

All therapists

Pure Relaxation: this calming and flowing massage technique loosens up tensions and lets energy streams flow again. Pure portuguese almond oil mixed with essential oils helps in stress relief and in harmonizing body and mind. As a result all your senses come to rest.

Suitable for everyone and all ages .

30 min.:30€ Back*

60 min.:55€ Full body *

90 min.:80€ Long full body*

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

All therapists

This strong massage technique awakens new energies and boosts the capabilities of your body. Combined with invigorating essential oils, the deep tissue massage will activate your tired body as well as improve your own regeneration process.

30 min.:30€ Parcial*

60 min.: 55€ Full Body*

80 min.:80€ Long full body*

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

Therapists Anne & Vanda

It’s a very slow, rhythmic and soft massage which acts on different systems of our body and has a calming and relaxing effect.

Here are some benefits of this treatment:

– Balances the vegetative nervous system (sleep-problems, depression, stress, etc)

– Stimulates the Immune System.

– Optimizes the blood and lymphatic circulation (heavy legs, cellulitis, liquid retention, etc)

– Advised for post mastectomy surgery, partial or complete, to prevent edema.

– Helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

45 min:42€*

60 min:50€*

body mind Psychotherapy


Therapist Anne

It’s the synthesis created by Anne Rasquin which combines massage with holistic, energetic and psychological work, body therapy and the transformation work of Hatmara-Merkava. Anne uses several techniques she has been working with since 2002. These result in an intuitive, deep and holistic session that transforms blockages and re-balances the whole being.

60 min.:60€*

90 min.:75€*

Biodynamic massage

Recovery Massage

All therapists

Ideal for trekkers or cyclists. 

45 min.:46€*

Indian-chinese Blend Massage

Indian-chinese Blend Massage

Therapist Mayra

A nice blend of eastern techniques and intuitive work, which invites you to listen to your body, to release and above all to let go. Oil flow with pressure points along the meridian lines and energy balancing.

60 min.:60€*

90 min.:80€*

Biodynamic massage

Biodynamic Massage

Therapist Anne

Created by psychologist and physiotherapist Gerda Boyesen, it’s part of the psycho-body therapies. Through massage techniques, physical and emotional tensions are released, liberating the breath and therefore the energy flow in the body.

The therapist uses relaxation massage (biorelease) and other more specific techniques addressing different body layers such as: skin, muscle, periosteum. One of the innovative features of the Biodynamic Massage is working with “psycho-peristaltism”, which allows a massage guidance through the bowel sounds by placing a stethoscope over the abdomen, known nowadays as our second brain.

45 min.:47€*

60 min.:55€*


Therapists Arupa, Vanda & Andreia

Reiki is the Universal Energy of Life. The energy that exists in us, around us and renders all kinds of Life. Reiki is a completely natural relaxing and healing method from Japan which serves to harmonize the body with the soul and spirit. The therapist will use her hands to channel the Reiki energy towards the patient and, without the need for touching the body, the warmth and effects of such energy can be felt: balanced energetic flow, relief from pain, stress and blockages, stronger immune system, holistic harmony.


90 min.:80€*

Romantic couple massage

Workshop “Romantic couple massage”

Therapist Anne

Give and receive in a flow of love and enrich your shared daily life. How does it work?

TouchART session is a 4 hand experience guided by the therapist. Giving and receiving massage from your partner (and therapist) in a safe space, learning simple techniques. We use essential oils and flower remedies from Portugal. Each one of you gives and receives, inviting you to dive deep into your love.

60 min.:60€*

90 min.:85€*

Craniosacral Therapy

Therapists Vanda & Christine

It’s a soft manual therapy, with the aim to evaluate and improve the physiological function of the craniosacral system, stimulating the whole Central Nervous System. This Therapy is suitable for all ages.

60min.: 50€*

Couple massage simultaneously

Couple massage simultaneously

All therapists

A special moment for couples to receive a treatment at the same time. This option will depend on the availability of two simultaneous therapists.

45 min.:97€*

*Please account for an extra 10€ for any distance travelled up to 30km. After that we will add 0,40€ for each km over.

10% discount for groups of more than 3 people with more than 30 minutes treatment each.

Social prices for locals available. Please enquire about this option.