body-mind focused therapy

Vidanne Therapy

Vidanne Therapy is a holistic body-mind therapy. It’s the synthesis of my experience in body-mind focused therapy, massage, and energy work with people.

Touching and moving the whole being in all dimensions: body (muscle, joints, ligaments, skin), emotions and thoughts (state of mind), chakras, aura & energetic bodies and fields, as a door for deep transformations to happen in your Life.


These transformations are happening by using sacred sounds from the infinite source, combined with body and breath work. This sounds or “Divine Codes “ can change the condition of any form by vibrational power, as in physics and music. The codes are in known and unknown languages.

My personal passion and studies for Sufism, bedded in the Dances of Universal Peace and music, gives me some background of this ancient wisdom.

(And) with the 7th sense, a kind of sensor for life energy or body pendulum, I can check what prevents you from becoming happy and full of life energy.

Therapy Tools and methods
You may experience yourself in a different way then before 

In a session we will discover together where you are right now, and we will choose, from my intuitive work, the most adequate methods for our approach.

Where are you right now?

What do you feel?

Do you feel?

Are you in tune with your LIFE ...or are you out of BALANCE

You might feel nervous, anxious, lacking joy and purpose in Life. Maybe you are full of anger, frustration, and fear...
You want some clarity
Let's look at it and take some steps together to:
Experience yourSELF, feel yourself, discover habits and embodied patterns, your breath.
How do you react to stress?
Your body, Your voice,
Let's move and be moved to release and to recognize your own limits and boundaries. Find security inside your own being- love and selflove.

The Body is a door to the soul.

Gerda Boyesen

My name, Vidanne, is a code and “power tool” I have received during a meditation, in a Hatmara-Merkava silence retreat at Karuna, in Monchique, Portugal.

body-mind focused therapy

Vidanne Therapy Tools and Methods

Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychotherapy is a form of Neo-Reichian body psychotherapy that uses, in addition to verbal elaboration, a set of therapeutic tools specific to this approach. The work developed by Gerda Boyesen allows for a unique clinical intervention, based on fundamental theoretical concepts, such as: – friendship with the resistance; – self-regulation and psychoperistalsis.


Dealing with touch, with closeness and distance, with letting go and devotion, but also with setting oneself apart are topics that can be explored in the biodynamic body treatment. However, the most important thing that biodynamic body treatment can achieve is finding a safe home within yourself and trusting yourself and your own body and feelings.



Hatmara-Merkava (Hebrew) is a life-philosophy, a movement of cosmic consciousness, open to everybody to make positive changes in life. Hatmara = transformation; Merkava = to complete, transport.


Based on Orgonomy, developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and on Biorgonomy, from the israeli scientist Raffi Rosen, this “Way of The Tree of Life” was and continues to be channeled and developed by my teacher and friend Naomi Imber Feinberg.


I started to study with Naomi in 2004. I later became a teacher of the Hatmara-merkava method and gave some seminars in Portugal, Italy and Germany. The complexity of  “The Way of the Tree of Life” is as huge and vast as the divine creation…infinite.


The spiritual approach of life-energy and how to activate the energy in physical, emotional and mental levels, gave me a deeper understanding in all my studies of the body oriented psychotherapy such as Biodynamic Psychology (Gerda Boyesen), Vegetotherapy (Wilhelm Reich) and Orgonomy.

Therapy Tools and methods

Flower Remedies

I offer individual compositions of flower remedies by radiesthesia (blinking) reading.

Bottle 25 ml.:20€

(apart from the session value, to be discussed)

Flower Remedies

Terra Luz.a- Flower Remedies

Essences from the Alentejo

The flower remedy therapy is part of what is called vibrational therapy, which acts holistically on all dimensions of the being. Flower remedies get absorbed by the energetic lines throughout the body, the aura or the etheric body- you might call it as you prefer- part of all living beings. Each bottle is a bouquet, a personal composition, individually ordered through radiestethic reading by the therapist on the energetic field of the patient.


Flower remedies can be taken at any age and do not interfere with other treatments or medication; they do not have any biological or chemical particles in their composition. That is to say they are the purest etheric infusion of the “soul of the plant” and act on the soul of the living being taken care of.


The line “Terra luz.a” is part of the 3rd flower generation line (1st were the Original Bach Flowers, 2nd the Californians and Australians, from the seventies and eighties) and it’s 64 essences and compositions were all sintonised in the Alentejo, between the Arriba Fóssil da Galé and the Southwest, as in a organic farm near Cercal.


Working with the 4 ages of humankind, their vibration of healing and harmonizing flows and resonates very well with the population of our region, through an energetic, vibrational recognition.


Some of these flower remedies are essences which were synthesized for the first time in the Costa Alentejana region, (even there are not exclusive from Alentejo as with global climate change some plants are growing in diverse areas).

Body-mind Focused Therapy Sessions

body-mind focused therapy


Experimental Session

Scale 50-70€

body-mind focused therapy


3 Month Therapy 6-8 sessions

60 € each

6 sessions: 10% off 324€ plus 2 calls 

8 sessions: 15% off 408€

body-mind focused therapy


6 month Therapy 12-16 sessions

60 € each

12 sessions:  10% off   648 € plus 2 calls

16 sessions:  15%off   816€


Rate payment is possible (if you have financial difficulties please contact me).

Extra sessions and phone calls longer than 10 minutes will be charged. 

If needed, some sessions can be done online.

Who is Vidanne

I am Anne Rasquin, a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, partner and lover of Life. A body-mind therapist for over two decades, learning and experiencing the power of movement and the vast possibilities of personal and cosmic development. My journey brought me in contact with several teachers and masters, to name: Hazrat Inayat Khan and Sufism, Shree Mooji; Naomi Imber Feinberg and her deep study of kabbalah and The Way of the Tree of Life. All this felt like a bridge from my body work to the spiritual and mystic part of all, to ensure a safe and deeply knowledgeable therapeutic space, so needed in our modern challenging time.

Anne Vidanne

My professional trainings and certifications are:

Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapy (health practitioner) Minister of Health, Cologne, Germany 2021;

Biodynamic Psychology- Gerda Boyesen, Asas e Raizes, EABP 1998-2002;

Vegetotherapy- Wilhelm Reich, Asas e Raizes, EABP 2002;

Psychoenergetics- Ebba Boyesen (European Association of Bodypsychotherapy);

Integrated Psycho Therapy – several teachers, Asas e Raizes, EABP 2004-2007;

Bioorgonomy + Hatmara-Merkava- Naomi Imber Feinberg, 2004- now;

Bach Flower remedies, Flower Therapy- Evelin Brigham 2012- now;

Sufism, Studies- Initiation to the Ruhaniat Sufi Ordem-2010- now;

Dances of the Universal Peace-Dance Leader-2006- now.