Healing Experiences

dances of universal peace healing experiences
DUP healing experiences

Dances of The Universal Peace (DUP)

DUP is one of our wonderful healing experiences. Dances of the Universal Peace are circle dances of all cultures, with sacred phrases, chants, music and original movements of many traditions of this Earth. Simple, meditative and cheerful, united by music and dance, they can touch our spiritual essence. Based on the work started in the 60’s by Samuel L. Lewis  (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti, 1896-1971) in California, they promote wellbeing, balance, harmony, unity, peace, joy and love. 

The Dance of Universal Peace (DUP) is a body art, which through a subtle form of sacred geometry, harmonizes and connects the individual being with the collective and with the energies of the universe. The group creates life energy in the circle through movement, sound and union, transmitting energy to mother nature and father cosmos, receiving new vitality. Pedagogically developed, universal dances arise the perception of movement, space, order, rhythm, vocal expressiveness and musical harmony.

A perfect event to bring family and friends together! For gatherings, weddings, birthdays and lifetime rituals. Use comfortable clothes, socks or dancing shoes to be able to move freely.

For more info and appointments please contact us.

Mindful Walking Meditation

Mindful Walking Meditation is known in ancient traditions, which left their traces in the Alentejo and the Algarve. Christians Walk to Fátima and The Caminho de Santiago de Compostela; Sufis and Moslems go to Mecca and Buddhist walk in their daily rituals.

Nowadays we can use this wisdom in combination with the modern knowledge of mental health, psychology and neuroscience to adapt simple techniques of consciousness and stress relief.

With The 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and ether abundantly present in the Litoral Alentejo area around us, our senses become sharper, our breath tunes in with the elements and our nervous system resets again.

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We offer the following healing experiences

workshop walking meditation

Sufi Walk: The Senhora das Neves Circular Route

In this Mindful Walking Meditation, we will do some group exercises like auto-massage, breathing techniques and sound exercises with mantras and vibrational therapy. We will walk on the trail in silence (not talking unnecessary) and humming/singing the mantra with breathing patterns. There will be a break for water, a picnic and a meditation circle. Finally, a presentation of one Flower Remedy  of  Terra Luz.a flower therapy made in Alentejo, vibrational therapy.

Duration: aprox.3,5-4 h 

Location: Ribeira do Seissal (gps etc /meeting point after registration)

Includes: guided meditation, breathing exercises, flower remedy presentation.

Please bring: walking shoes, water, hat, snack for shared picnic 

35€/pax min:.150€    30€ /pax (10 or +p)

self healing walk

The 5 Element Walk

On this Walking Meditation we will do breath and body awareness exercises and learn the 5 element breathing technique. We will walk along the trail in silence (no unnecessary conversation) with breath patterns, trying to walk in or with our heart rhythm. There will be a guided meditation.

Duration: aproxm:2,5-3 h 

Includes: guided meditation, breathing exercise.

Location: Vila Nova de Milfontes and surroundings 

Please bring: Walking shoes, water, hat, snack.

25€/pax (min.:100€)   20€/pax (10 or +p)

yoga healing experiences

Yoga Classes

If you want to have a private or group yoga class you can also book it with us. Mayra is experienced in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and she can teach an energetic and relaxing class for all levels and ages. Check with your host if there is available space at your accommodation or contact us to arrange the best place and time for your yoga practices.

15€/person (minimum 4 people-or 60€- per class)