Vidanne is the Synthesis of experience in working with people,with body mind centered psicotherapy, breathing work, biodynamic therapy,sound and massage.

With the Certification “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie”(healthpractioner for psicotherapy)by the Health Department,Cologne,Germany,this work has a safe and deep knowledge on health issues of our modern,challenging time.Insomnias,lack of concentration,heart palpation,lack of happiness,fear and a generel missing of the meaning and purpose in life -all this can be difficult to deal with  so why not ask for help?

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Vidanne is a body therapist for over 20 years, learning and experiencing the power of movement and the vast possibilities of personal and cosmic development. Her journey brought her in contact with several teachers and masters,as the work of Hatmara-Merkava,a bridge from body work to the spiritual part of all.

The therapeutic vibrational work can be combined with the radiesthetic reading of Flower remedies: Bach flowers and  Terra Luz.a,  essences from the Alentejo area in Portugal,to create an individul composition. Also as leader of the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP),she loves to spread the spirituality of all traditions through movement and sound.

Hatmara Merkava is a life-philosophy, a movement of cosmic consciousness,open to everybody to make positive changes in live. Hatmara (hebrew)= transformation .Merkava(hebrew) = to complete, transport. Based on Orgonomy of Dr.Wilhelm Reich and Biorgonomy of the Israeli scientist Raffi Rosen;this Way of The Tree of Life was and continues to be channelled and developed by Naomi Imber Feinberg.With the so called 7th sense, sensor for life -energy (eye-slash sensor), Vidanne is enabled to  scan body and soul and the universal matrix of each being, so it is possible to transform all what is not flowing into life energy.