Personal Journey


Vidanne is the Synthesis  of experience in massage, therapy and working with people, touching the body on muscle, joints, ligaments, skin and aura as a door for the soul, spirit and energetic field.

On  energetic level the  sensor for life -energy (eye-slash sensor) enables to  scan body and soul and the universal matrix of each being, so it is possible to transform all what is not flowing into life energy.

Vidanne is  a body therapist for nearly 20 years, learning and experiencing the power of movement and the vast possibilities of personal and cosmic development. Her  journey brought her in contact with several teachers and masters and also into the deep philosophy of the Hatmara = (transformation) Merkava = (infinite light). A bridge from  body work to the spiritual part of all. Also as leader of the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP), she  loves to spread the spirituality of all traditions through movement and sound.

With the Flower Remedies Terra Luz.a, essences from the Alentejo area in Portugal, she offers individual compositions of flower remedies, by radiesthetic reading.

Living in Portugal since 28 years, she is a  mother, grandmother and Doula and works with women, men, couples and circles.


Hatmara -Merkava

is a life-philosophy, a movement of cosmic consciousness, open to everybody to make positive changes in our lives.

Hatmara = transformation

merkava = to complete, transport

Based on orgonomy of Dr.Wilhelm Reich and Biorgonomy of the Israeli scientist Raffi Rosen; this Way of The Tree of Life was (and continues to be) channelled and developed by Naomi Imber Feinberg.


Dances of Universal Peace (DUP), Circle Dances with Mantras

Dances of the Universal Peace are circle dances of all cultures,  with sacred phrases, chants, music and original movements of many traditions of this earth. Simple, meditative and cheerful, united  by music and dance, they can touch our spiritual essence. Based on the work started in the 60’s by Samuel L. Lewis (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti, 1896-1971) in California, they promote well-being, balance, harmony, unity, peace, joy and love. The  Dances of the Universal Peace (DUP) are a body art, which through a subtle form of sacred geometry, harmonizes and connects the individual being with the collective and with the energies of the universe. The group creates life energy in the circle through movement, sound and union, transmitting  energy to mother nature and father cosmos, receiving new vitality. Pedagogically developed, universal dances arouse the perception of movement, space, order, rhythm, vocal expressiveness and musical harmony.



Doula Anne Rasquin


Flower Remedies

The Flower remedy therapy is part of what is called vibrational therapy, which acts holistic on all dimensions of the being. Flower remedy gets absorbed by meridians and nadis, known from the acupuncture, lines of the human energy field, the aura or the  etheric body, you might call as you prefer, part of all living beings. Each bottle is a bouquet, a personal composition, individual ordered through radiestic reading by the therapist  on the energetic field of the patient.

Flower remedies can be taken at any age and do not interfere with other treatments or medication; they do not have any biological or chemical particles in their composition. They are the purest etheric infusion of the “soul of the plant”and act on the soul of the living being taking care of.

The line “Terra luz.a” is part of the 3rd flower generation line (1st  is Original Bach Flowers, 2nd Californians and Australians, from the decades 70ies  and 80ies last century) and its 64 essences and compositions have been all sintonised in the Alentejo, between the Arriba Fóssil da Galé and the Southwest, as in a biological farm near Cercal.

Working with the 4 ages of humankind, their vibration of healing and harmonizing flows and resonates very good with the population of our region, through an energetic, vibrational recognition.

Some of this flower remedies are essences which have been synthesized for the first time, in the Costa Alentejana region, (even there are not exclusive from Alentejo as with global climate changing some plants are growing in diverse areas), as for example:….

Astragalus (Spring) – metamorphosis