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This massage is for everyone. Nice essential oils mixed in portuguese pure almond oil bring a deep relaxation to your tired or stressed body. Depending on your physical state, this treatment can be vitalizing or calming, soft or deep. Recommended also for children and youngsters.
The Biodynamic Massage, created by psychologist and physiotherapist Gerda Boyesen, is part of psycho-body therapies. Through massage techniques, physical and emotional tension are released, liberating the breath and with it the energy flow in the body. The therapist uses relaxation massage (Biorelease) and more specific techniques, particular taking care of different body layers (skin, muscle, periosteum, ...). One of the innovative features of the Biodynamic Massage is working with “psico peristaltism”, that allows a massage guidance through the bowel sounds by placing a stethoscope over the abdomen, known nowadays as our second brain.
Is an energizing sportive massage which stimulates the recovery of tired muscles and tissue by improving the blood circulation.Great deep oily full body massage after a hiking, biking or horse riding day!
Therapy is the synthesis of all massages combines with Energetic, psychic and bodily therapy in a holistic approach, unblocking and re balancing the whole being. Anne uses several techniques she has been working with since 2002.Intuitiv, Holistic with the transformation work of Hatmara Merkava.
Is the Universal energy of Life. The energy that exists in us, around us and renders all kind of Life. Reiki is a complete natural relaxation- and cure method from Japan which serves to harmonize the body with the soul and spirit.- brings the energy circulation in balance- eliminates pain-strengthens the immune system- stimulates the organism- removes blockades- removes stress and harmonizes holistically. A wonderful combination can be Reiki with Breuss Massage.
Promotes deep relaxation, bringing you to a state of well being in your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Reduces stress and can lead to improved sleep. It activates the self healing process in your body.
Is a very slow, rhythmic and soft massage. The Lymphatic-Draining acts on different systems of our body.-equilibrate the vegetative nerve-system (sleep-problems, depression, nerves, stress, etc.)-optimize the blood and lymphatic circulation (heavy legs, cellulites etc.)-has got a very calming and relaxing effect-Post surgery Mastectomy, partial or complete to prevent edema-helps to eliminate toxins of the body
TouchART session is a 4 hand experience with your partner, guided by Body –Psychotherapist Anne Vidanne. Giving and receiving massage from your partner (and therapist) in a safe space, learning simple techniques. We use essential oils and flower remedies from Portugal. Each one of you gives and receives, inviting you to dive deep into your love.
A nice blend of Chinese and Indian techniques which invites you to listen to your body, to release and to let go. Oil flow with pressure points and energy balancing.
Is a soft manual therapy, with the aim to evaluate and improve the physiological function of the craniosacral system, stimulating the whole Central Nervous System. This therapy is suitable for all ages.

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